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Akon Live in Concert Jakarta 2011

 Akon held concert in Jakarta on Sunday, 13 November 2011

4 hours before the show even started hundreds of Akon fans have started pouring in into the Jakarta International Expo at Kemayoran Jakarta. It’s no wonder Akon fans in Indonesia are very eager to see their beloved singer as they have been waiting many years for this show.

Three years ago Akon had a sterling performance with Java Soulnation and was going to have a solo show the same year. The solo show however was never eventuated for one reason or another. And it’s only now the show promoter Mrygops Studio in conjunction with Class Mild successfully brings Akon to Indonesia for the Akon Live in Concert.

Most of the fans wear t-shirt and short ready to go with the flow. The moment the fans enter the arena, the immediately shake their body to the tune of music played by the DJ Yap. The arena is an open space making it easier for the fans to express themselves while listening to their idol.

Akon in a bubble during the Akon Live in Concert 2011
Right on time at 9:00 pm the singer who just nabbed four awards and 17 nominations at the 2011 World Music Awards start the show with his opening song “Shake Down”. Akon was wearing white while his backup singers and DJ were wearing tartan.

“Jakarta I’m coming. Let’s party” scream Akon while waving which prompted the fans to jump up and down while waving back.

Akon seems surprised with responses he is getting from the fans in Jakarta. Almost all songs he played were followed and sing along by the fans. This has leads to an even that in turn surprises the event organizer when Akon wants the dividers between the VIP and regular guests to be opened which immediately cheered by the fans.

Not long after the dividers were opened, Akon sang one of his best hits “Lonely” followed by “Sorry, Blame It on Me”. Not content with just jumping around on the stage Akon also show off is drum beating ability.

With sweats falling down like a summer rain, Akon took his clothes off and threw it to the audience. He sang his song sentence by sentence and let the fans continue where he left off.

In the middle of the concert Akon came up in a giant balloon rolling from side to side with him singing inside. He then rolls the balloon towards the audience and let the audience push the balloon around the arena. It turns out this is the reason Akon asked for the divider to be taken off so he gets a big playground for his balloon.

Akon continues the show with some of his classic such as “Right Now (Na Na Na)”, “Don’t Matter” and “Smack That”.  Also the soundtrack for the currently playing Indian movie Ra One which is “ChammackChallo”.

After entertaining the audience for about one and a half hour Akon finished the show with “Freedom”.

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