Happy Hello Kitty Kaoani

SNSD The Boys Illuminati girls generation

covering her eye
So beautiful and wearing black.
Sunny's new look
Her hair cut is now short like a boy. Sunny posing in a blood red outfit.
the girls dressed in Black 
I noticed that everyone is dressed in black except Jessica. She is in innocent tan brown.
Also, some pyramid decoration. I thought this song was about boys not pyrmaids or doves.

Sica posing with a dove.

 Doves are symbolic for the Holy Spirit but an upside down dove has an occult meaning. The opposite of the Holy spirit is Lucifer.

Why use the colors red and black?
 It seems like Sica is some kind of dark princess. She is the only one with the crown.
The most favored member of SNSD, she definitely is the leader ( sorry Taeyeon).
Hyoyeon posing among the red and black.
Look at what Hyo is wearing. A BUTTERFLY cape. 
Butterflies signal "monarch programming." 
 The dove again.

This is just to show the comparison of the outfits. The video begins with a white dress, and then proceeds to the girls wearing black, and then finally red.

Sunny again. but this time with only one eye
take care sones

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