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Super Junior Song's Message

Anyeong Yeorobeun......!!!
Seminggu lalu aku browsing, eh nemu artikel ini...
Menurutku, ELF yg bikin kreatif banget...
Semoga kalian suka...


If the whole world don't L.O.V.E Super Junior anymore, then E.L.F will betray the whole world.

From the moment all of you is standing on the stage singing , I know this is the Lovely Day of meeting you all, I have been A Man in Love. It's You, Club No. 1 ----- The 13 young men that we mentioned as Angela, and we all are a body called Ever Lasting Friends. For us, All of you is Miracle, is Our Love, Oppas that we should protect. How deep we love you all? I can just standing in front of Mirror saying, if this moment there is only You&I, just want crooning: You are the One in the world, you’re just One Love....
Let's Not say Sorry Sorry, Even though facing the Monster-like anti fan, all of you still smiling. Even there is No Other person like me, even if everything came down, I want U to be happy, still want to catch the first bus of oppas' love; if everything is over, if this moment is the end, everything is going to Reset, You are My Endless Love, this moment will definitely become The Endless Moment.

Oppas said, would continue working hard until Sapphire Blue covers the whole world. I said, I would like to turn into a Shining Star in Sapphire Blue Ocean. Just because you have grown up, is no longer those children who singing "Don't Don" , feel dissatisfied with money and world, but is Man who soulfully singing "What if", those men who shedding tears of happiness saying Thank You to ELF.
In the past, someone asked me, Why I like you, I'm speechless, just like Dead At Heart. Hate U, Love U? I asked myself for a thousand times in the bottom of my heart. But now I know, it's just because one most sincere faith. Everytime I miss you all, it is really a Heartquake, but I Believe the deeper the love, the heart will be more pain. So, please be happy, So I...

Really want to write a Song for You, to express myself is Missin' U so much; want to soulfully praise ; want to Keep in Touch with you all; want to join Pajama Party with you all, Cooking for you once... but all of this can only be stayed In My Dream, it's just a Midnight Fantasy.

Even if She is Gone, you all is Super Man who protect your Super Girl forever. Although you don't know Me, this is a Way For Love. 20 years later, thinking back, I am still believe that I'm E.L.F,

In this life, we are just,  wishing you all Sunny forever, Love U More everyday.

In next life, we still want to be Happy Together, accompany beside you. Even if have to add a limit, I can only say one more day than forever.

Source: Super Junior 永远在一起...
Chinese to English Translation by Yenny Wijaya
Modification by Permata Dewi Prawesti

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